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Welcome Post

Welcome to our humble RPG, my precious loves! :) I'm Chels, one of your mods (the other being Mary, silenceis4ever), and I figured I'd take care of the welcome post. :)

In case there's confusion anywhere, the RPG is starting with Season Two of Dawson's Creek. Journal entries will be done in first person as if you are the character, and the character has an LJ, for example. If that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, an example can be found here at an old Mighty Ducks RPG.

Just as a refresher, I'll go ahead and post the rules again here:

1. If you'd like to join, post a request for a character, and if everything seems fine, you can give it a go.
2. No name calling, cursing, R-rated language, or anything else that might seem inappropriate. If in doubt, ask.
3.If you have a problem with someone or something going on in the game, please tell silenceis4ever or spazzychick96, and hopefully something can be worked out.
4. If you want to have a conversation with the person you're RPing with, use OT (off topic) or OOC (out of character) so others will know if it's you talking or your character.
5. Pimpage is only valid if its Dawson's Creek related. For instance, I also run joshicons and that would be an acceptable pimp. Something along the lines of cableangst (this is just a random group. No offence to the group cableangst) wouldn't be acceptable.
6. Respect the ships. If Dawson is going out with Andie at the time and you like him with Jen, please don't make an issue out of it.
7. Try to keep active. Once every two weeks should be good for an update. If you'll be away/busy for an extended period of time, please tell us. If not, you'll recieve one strike. Three strikes and other people will be able to take over your character.
8. Have fun.

See, that's not so bad. :)

So far our available characters are:

Pacey Witter (taken by spazzychick96)
Jen Lindley (taken by _touched)
Joey Potter (taken by _touched)
Doug Witter (taken by serialbathera)
Dawson Leery (taken by _dc_lover_)
Andie McPhee (taken by silencesis4ever)
Jack McPhee (taken by scarletsletters)
Bessie Potter (taken by steffe26)
Mitch Leery
Gail Leery
Abbie Morgan (taken by mrsbanks99)
Chris Wolfe
Kristy Livingstone
Tamara Jacobs

If there's any non-listed character in Season Two you'd like to be, feel free to request that character, and we'll see what we can do. :)

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, you can eiter drop us a comment here or email Mary or myself. <333

Welcome again, and I hope you have fun! :)
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